09 August 2014

Airline 1 new concept to ensure mature EIS of the A350.

One important feature in the maturity campaign has been what Airbus calls Airline 1. This entails mirroring airline operations by applying key performance indicators, such as reliability or interruptions. A dedicated hangar is used for daily maintenance. 

“The concept is simple: to operate and test the aircraft as much as possible in an operational environment, use the maintenance and support systems that our customers would have, capture their findings as soon as possible, and fix small issues quickly,” explained Didier Evrard, Head of the A350 XWB Programme. “The Airline 1 concept is a means to accelerate the aircraft maturity at the end of development.”

Photo by Lufthansa.

Airline 1 comprises a dedicated staff that operates a hangar and maintenance control centre in coordination with Airbus’ flight-test team. This allows for daily maintenance, support and repair operations for the five-aircraft A350 XWB test fleet in an environment similar to what the jetliner will experience in commercial service.  


Taking lessons from previous aircraft service introductions across the industry, Airline 1 concept was developed specifically to ensure a smooth service entry for the A350.

Photo by @ ATC Blog

Based on the article “Shifting Gears” published in Aviation Week  

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