29 August 2014

Finnair´s A350s will be the 1st aircraft with wi-fi service onboard … but it could not be wi-free.

Finnair is evaluating addition of in-flight wifi capability on the rest of its fleet after introducing this wifi-service for the first time on its new A350 –with EIS planned from 2015 to 2017-.
“We are evaluating it on the rest of the fleet; both the rest of the widebodies and narrowbody fleet” said Finnair commercial chief Allister Paterson.

Finnair is still evaluating the priceing model for wi-fi when it launches with the A350s. “Very few airlines offer it for free. We are going to watch the model as it unfolds” said Paterson. “wi-fi is a big investment. Our thinking is we will charge for it,  but if that model changes, we will have to follow it”.

Based on the article “Finnair ponders wi-fi for rest of fleet” published in FlightGlobal.

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