22 August 2014

A removal in one engine during the A350 flight testing campaign. 420min-ETOPS clearance targeted for EIS.

Rolls-Royce reports smooth operation of the Trent XWB-84 during A350 flight testing .

“So far engine performance has been really good and reliable,” says Trent XWB Program Director Simon Burr, who notes that the single unplanned removal to date was a precautionary move to replace a faulty oil level sensor.

With the bulk of testing over, Rolls is focused on endurance-running to support ETOPS clearance—targeted at 420 min. from entry into service for the A350-900.

The work, conducted at Rolls’s  “60 bed”  facility at the NASA Stennis site in Mississippi, is aimed at demonstrating reliability across 3.000 simulated flight cycles.

The engine returned to Derby for tear down and inspection some weeks ago, following completion of a 3rd —and final—simulated diversion cycle.

ETOPS testing included runs at 30 min. per cycle. “We have been doing 60 cycles a day and ran through difficult weather for 43 hours continuously,” says Burr.

“We are in good shape and looking forward to entry into service.”

Based on the article “Stepping Up” published in Aviation Week.

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