02 August 2014

Eaton is developing many sub-systems for the new Trent XWB-97 engine for the A350-1000.

Power management company Eaton announced that Rolls-Royce Corporation recently selected Eaton to continue providing its proven engine build-up solution for the Trent XWB-97 engine program (which will power the new Airbus A350-1000).

Based on a photo by @horstroad

“We are excited to continue our involvement on the Trent XWB engine program by providing a reliable, lightweight and technically advanced engine build-up solution for the XWB-97," said Uday Yadav, president of Eaton's Aerospace Group. “Our successful performance on the initial engine contract award helped Rolls-Royce achieve significant program results and paved the way for our continued relationship on the XWB-97."

Based on a photo by Todd Ryan

Eaton's selection helps minimize program risks by optimizing commonality between the 84,000 pound-thrust and 97,000 pound-thrust engine variants.

photo by @horstroad

In 2009, Rolls-Royce selected Eaton as a strategic partner for the Trent XWB engine program. Eaton designed, developed and integrated systems for the EBU portfolio, which encompassed a variety of components customized for the XWB.  By providing complete EBU sub-systems coupled with onsite engineering support, Eaton optimized the significant number of engine interfaces and replaced complex tubing and ducting with more modular products specifically designed for easier, faster installation and removal.

photo by @horstroad

As in the original XWB engine program, Eaton will be responsible for the design, development, manufacture and certification of the XWB-97 low-pressure fuel system, starter air system, thermal anti-icing system, engine bleed air system along with sense and muscle lines, variable frequency generator system, power door opening system, fire-extinguisher system and pylon drains.

Based on the press release “Eaton Selected by Rolls-Royce to Continue Providing Engine Build-Up Sub-Systems for New Trent XWB-97 Engine Program”

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