23 August 2014

What are those big jars onboard the A350 test aircraft used for?

During the Farnborough Airshow, the A350 prototype that was in display was visited for many people. And when visiting the interior of the flight test prototype, many questions were regarding the big grey-vessels that were onboard.

Crawford Hamilton, who works in the Airbus customer affairs team during the Farnborough Airshow explained what the big jars on board the aircraft were used for.

“We load them up with a mixture of water and glycol. That’s to stop them freezing and they simulate the loads in an airplane. We can move the centre of gravity of the aircraft by either filling them or taking the water mix out of them. And that means we can then start to look at how the airplane will look when it is loaded up with passengers or freight and understand what it does under those conditions.”

In ILA Mrs. Merkel asked about the jars too.

Based on the article “Airbus A350: The secrets behind building a superjet” published in The Telegraph.

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