22 October 2012

A350 XWB FAL building. Eco-efficient means that 56% electricity comes from the solar roof

Airbus will celebrate on 23/October the official inauguration of the A350 XWB Final Assembly Line in the presence of Airbus President & CEO, Fabrice Brégier.

The ceremony will be also attended by the French Premier ministre Jean-Marc Ayrault, Günter Butschek COO Airbus, Didier Evrard A350 XWB Program Director and Roger Béteille, the 91 years old chief engineer and Airbus general manager when the european consortium was created.  

                   January/2009 FAL construction start                                                
A “green” facility that utilizes a range of technologies for optimized eco-efficiency;
The A350 XWB final assembly facility, a 74,000-square-metre structure which construction was formally began on 14/January/2009, has been outfitted with 22,000 square-metres of photovoltaic cells in the roof, which convert light energy into useable electricity, allowing the building to produce 56% of its energy.
Construction of the A350 final assembly line involved investment costs of 140 million euros. The dedicated area includes aircraft halls, offices, workshops and logistics areas, as well as taxiways and roads.
Airbus has invested in a green eco-efficient method and technologies with the construction of this Final Assembly Line (FAL). The building reused up to 10,000 cubic metres of existing materials from the taxiway which was previously on the site, so reducing the volumes of deliveries required from quarries.

Large windows include natural lighting, not only to reduce electricity consumption but also to improve working conditions.
Additionally, an energy management system optimises the use of liquids and power around working hours.

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