26 October 2012

Alestis delivers the tail cone s19.1 for MSN001 to the FAL

Alestis Aerospace is one of the three Spanish Tier1 and was born from the integration of two relevant companies in the sector: SK10 and Sacesa.
The tail cone S19.1 is manufactured in composite in a unique skin, with cobonded spars, optimizing the weight, reducing the number of parts and avoiding the subassembly. There are some metallic parts, manufactured by another facility of Alestis group in titanium to avoid corrosion.
Automated Fiber Placement (AFP)
It has been more than 3 years of hard work, with a team of more than one hundred people allocated, four different facilities in Spain and three composite manufacturing technologies; the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cádiz) -essential to deal successfully with the curvature of the piece-, the Automatic Tape Laying Machine (ATL) to manufacture spars and hand lay up for the frames in San Pablo (Sevilla). Metallic parts are manufactured in the facility in Miñano (Vitoria) and the final assembly in Puerto Real (Cádiz).
Section S19.1 of the A350 XWB –a diameter of 2,5 meters and 4 meters long-  is delivered to the FAL in Toulouse where is integrated to the fuselage after the Horizontal Stabilizer junction.
 S19.1 for MSN001 delivered with a "very high degree of maturity”
Alestis Aerospace also develops the Belly Fairing of the A350 XWB, a complex aerostructure which shipset for MSN001 was delivered last February.

Currently, Alestis Aerospace is facing a cash crunch and from May this year, it was placed under court administration so it is operating from one bill to the next. Money troubles that Alestis is facing is partially related to the heavy investments done to develop parts for A350 XWB in expectations of fat payoffs. Airbus has taken the control of the group as new CEO was former managing director of Airbus Military facility of Tablada (Sevilla).

Click the image to watch the video the final assembly in Puerto Real (Cádiz)

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