10 October 2012

FAL starts for MSN001, first A350 XWB flying aircraft in Toulouse

Following the same criteria than in the Static Specimen –FAL starts with fuselage sections junction in station 50-, the Final Assembly Line has started as the fuselage joint has begun in Toulouse.

As we can see in the photos below, published by Airbus (trough facebook and twitter) the nose+forward fuselage, has “received” the centre fuselage, manufactured in St.Nazaire and early arrived to the FAL some days ago.
photo courtesy of Airbus twitter
We will stay tuned because in few days some photos of the aft fuselage -finished at Hamburg on 19/Sep- in the FAL are expected, showing the complete fuselage sections being joint.
photo courtesy of Airbus facebook
The Empennage is also already at Toulouse; Horizontal Tail Plane assembled at Getafe-Spain and Vertical Tail Plane assembled in Stade-Germany. The installation in the aft fuselage will be done after the complete fuselage junction, probably before the wing junction in station 40.  

This aircraft is planned to first flight next June/2013 in Le Bourget Paris AirShow.

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