07 October 2012

Qatar, launch customer of A350 XWB takes delivery of the first ... 787-8

Boeing has published that Qatar has taken finally delivery of the first 787-8 from the order of 30 they have.

But they were waiting for the delivery from Farnborough Air Show in July and some days ago Qatar Airways denounced Boeing over 787 delays.

Qatar CEO Akbar Al Baker at Farnborough in front of the 787 Boeing still can't deliver

Boeing used Al Baker as a photo opportunity at the Farnborough Airshow in July standing in front of the Qatar 787-8 Dreamliner which was to be delivered to the carrier in August and put on the London run soon after.
That photo (top) now makes Al Baker look like a stooge. Which is not a good look for Boeing at all. Qatar Airways was to receive five 787 by the end of the year.
There is no sign as to when Qatar will get its first 787 Dreamliner. There is no lucid explanation as to why it hasn’t received the Dreamliner, which appeared to fly brilliantly at Farnborough. Currently it seems that Thales IFE is the source of 787 delivery delay more than concerns about the GEnx engines.
Al Baker says he won’t now take the 787s until the GEnx engines do what the brochure promises, including work, without bursting into flames or guzzling too much fuel.
 Qatar CEO is not an easy-to-convince customer and Akbar Al Baker is probably the bluntest speaker in aviation. For example, some of the commentary on the other side of the world has even suggested that the 30 Dreamliners Qatar Airways has on order could be replaced by the 24 A330s, although that seems far fetched.
It is far more likely that if such an order for more A330s is sealed, Qatar would use them to cover the 787 capacity shortfall for as long as it takes, and also bridge the gap between what Airbus has promised for the A350, and when it actually delivers on those promises.
Al Baker wants to ensure that Qatar's 787 delivery schedule begins in 2012 to avoid the risk of a clash with the arrival of its first of #80 A350 XWBs "if there is another big slippage". He added: "If there's a huge overlap, then why am I buying two types of aircraft that are doing the same mission?"

Qatar Airways is the launch customer for the A350. #80 orders splited in #40 for A350-900, #20 for A350-800 and #20 A350-1000. Additionally, they have #10 orders for the A380

Based on article "Flashpoint 787 as Qatar demands ‘where are our Dreamliners?" published on Crikey

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